Business Intelligence

We help enterprises to get the most information out of their SAP and non-SAP applications through SAP business intelligence platform. 

Through the extraction and manipulation of massive data captured in SAP applications and other business systems, and analyze it in a open data-warehouse, enterprise can obtain valuable insight of their business.

We have the best practice methodologies on ETL, Data modeling and Data Visualization.

 Application Integration

SAP Process Integration can enable organizations to seamlessly integrate their disparate application infrastructure (mainframe, mini-computer, ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, Web) in order to gain strategic business advantage. 

Our EAI solutions have allowed clients to orchestrate key business processes that span compartmentalized IT applications.

Our EDI solutions enabled seamless B2B communications between Buyers and Sellers.

 Application Development

We help enterprises to exploit the modern development technologies to architect and develop flexible and resilient systems. 

We make use of the best practices of application architecture, application design, application deployment and systems operations in our development projects.

We put high emphasis on how to integrate with existing enterprise systems in architecting and designing applications.